I Will Skyrocket Your Sales Using My Facebook Ads

Skyrocket Your Sales Using My Facebook Ads

Hi there! Ideal for just starting out and great for Medium - Large business sizes.

For this gig, I will:

- All gigs include 1-3 weeks of ongoing management for the work I've done.

- I will track ALL customers,

- Implement your Facebook pixel on your website,

- Create custom conversion and custom audiences,

- Create Interest Targeting ads + Retargeting Ads & Campaigns which will essentially remarket the products or services your customers were viewing on your website, Facebook OR Instagram.

- Provide a 1-3 page detailed report on your business/moving forward.

For example, John visits your website but decides to leave your website because he is running late for lunch with friends. Basically Retargeting allows you to expose ads on Facebook specifically to John or people who viewed your products/services on your website while they scroll on Facebook. Retargeting has been shown to increase conversions by 50%!

So lets do this! What can you gain? More traffic and sales? More reach? More impressions? Increase in conversions? Yes! ALL of the above is what you gain!

Ready when you are. Please inquire before booking gig.

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